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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and traffic. steve paulson, is it called? >> no. it's hot out there. turn the ac on, would you? >> [laughter] >> not as cold as a some areas. there's some that aren't bad. others are called. 30s, 40s, and 50s. the breeze makes a huge difference. santa rosa 39, 40 fairfield. they had a rather strong north of the breeze. brentwood 50, west 37, now 40 at 39 for san ramon. still waiting on some of these others. we'll see more 30s finally, petaluma in there, others in the 40s. including windsor at 45, bodega bay 49, northerly breeze holding comes up, north atlanta, that would with, northwest at oakland airport. debris still in place, cloud cover to the north, high clouds will filter through but it will be sunny and nice, getting hammered up there in the pacific northwest with the rain and snow. cold, mostly sunny, breezy, patchy fog possible. a little warmer on the afternoon temps, east bay up a
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few degrees. mid-60s instead of low 60s. 5:00 in the morning. sal, what do you have? a gravel spill, steve. westbound 580 between hop yard road and the 680 interchange, a gravel spill taking up three lanes and traffic is suddenly backing up very quickly here. there was some road work overnight in this area, but usually it's gone by a certain time. now we have very much a big backup developing because three lanes are closed and one of the busiest intersections in the bay area, they've issued a sigalert that you can see. traffic is already very slow as you drive in this area. so please give yourself plenty of extra time as you drive on this gravel spill. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge. that looks good coming into san francisco. not a big delay. if you're driving in san jose, that is to look in good. the entire south bay commute is off to a good start.
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let's go back to the desk. new developments in the paris terror attacks. the eiffel tower in paris is closed today after at -- after it just reopened yesterday since friday's terror attacks. a spokeswoman did not give a specific reason on why this landmark shut down again, but did allude to the current situation in paris. fox 2's alex savidge in our newsroom now with more on an important u.s. visit to paris just this morning, plus an update on that international manhunt for the terrorist in friday's attacks. >> good morning to you. germany news media reporting that three people were arrested today in a west german city in connection to the paris attacks. it's not known if any of these three are the mastermind or the attacker that authorities have been seeking, but we do know there are new concerns about additional attacks that still to remain. there was a video put out by
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isis. they threatened to target washington, dc and security has been ramped up in that particular city this morning. also just a short time ago, john kerry met with french president francois hollande in paris. those two men shook hands there, outside of the presidential palace and kerry says there is incredible cooperation between the two countries as they work hand-in- hand in hopes of dismantling the islamic state. john kerry also announced the french president plans to fly to washington, dc next week to meet with president obama to solidify their plans to fight terrorism. >> so there is a clear strategy in place. and step-by-step, i'm confident in the momentum to come. so i thank you all and particularly again, i'm confident that over the next days, paris, which knows how to rebound, will do so. >> today, that fast-moving,
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widespread investigation into friday's attacks still continues. police in france and belgium are continuing to root out suspected terrorists. again, three more arrests potentially took place just a short time ago, they are trying to find everybody who had a hand in that deadly rampage. french media is reporting there have been more than 100 raids across that country. there's also a report that six of the attackers from friday stayed at a hotel just outside paris two days before the massacre. and again, the manhunt continues for this 27-year-old radical. he is believed to be a member of the islamic state. and investigators described him as the ringleader behind this entire plot of that took in paris. it's unclear if he was one of the people taken into custody this morning. as u.s. intelligence officials continue to learn more about the paris attacks and the careful planning involved, there is quite a bit of concern that future attacks by isis may
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already be in the works. and so dave, u.s. intelligence officials are cognizant of that and security is being stepped up in a lot of places including in dc. >> alex savidge, we'll keep checking back with you. thank you. the paris attacks are also complicating president obama's pledge to accept 10,000 syrian refugees. concerned that terrorists might slip in, the -- at the list of states opposing refugees is growing. we're showing you the list now. last night we reported 23 states were on that list. that number is now up to 27. those are the states here colored in grey. the united nations estimates that 4 million syrians have fled their homes since the civil war broke out in march of 2011. but the refugee issue is under even more scrutiny now since at least one of the paris attackers may have slipped into europe through the recent flood of migrants. california is one state that has accepted syrian refugees with 218 arriving in the state
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this year. governor jerry brown said quote, i intend to work closely with the president so that he can both uphold america's traditional role as a place of asylum, but also ensure that anyone seeking refuge in america is fully vetted in a sophisticated and utterly reliable way. vice president joe biden addressed the refugee issue while at a clean technology conference yesterday in los angeles. he says the only way militants can win is if americans close the borders and allow terrorists to dictate their lives. >> nothing isis can do can threatened to bring down a government, can threatened to fundamentally alter the way we live, it can be what it is. acts of terror to try to get us to do that voluntarily. >> senator dianne feinstein agrees with the vice president and governor brown. she says california should not be one of those states that turns its back on refugees. happening today, the hot issue of what to do about a
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documented -- undocumented immigrants. it will be debated by the board of supervisors. this follows the tragic shooting death in july of kate steinle along san francisco's waterfront. katie -- janine? >> reporter: it sure is a controversial issue. here in santa clara county, it's been designated a sanctuary city since 2011. but today, county leaders are going to look to see if they should make changes to that. the santa clarita counter -- county board of supervisors is set to meet today to discuss whether to amend the county sanctuary city policy. that status protects undocumented immigrants. but the whole debate over century city reignited this summer when juan francisco lopez-sanchez, allegedly shot and killed kate steinle along san francisco's waterfront. lopez-sanchez had been deported five times before. right now, santa clara county ignores retainer orders.
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it does not hold an inmate past their release date if i.c.e. request that. the district attorney supports notifying i.c.e. about undocumented immigrants who have committed violent felonies. county supervisors are now considering changing the policy by reviewing whether it should alert i.c.e. about undocumented immigrants who are serious felons but just under certain conditions. we're going to be reaching out to county leaders later this morning to see if they can give us some comment. dave? >> janine de la vega from santa clara, thank you. new development in last week's tour bus crash in san francisco's union square. sources close to the investigations tell us here at ktvu news that faulty brakes are to blame. there's also new surveillance video that shows that city sightseeing bus speeding down post street when it's then hits a cyclist, the person walking and then several cars. and then smashed into a walkway. now city leaders are working to
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change state law to allow tighter control on tour buses. >> i think the cpuc is very extended. they regulate utilities all the way to limousines and airport shuttles. i'm not sure they have the resources to make sure there's proper enforcement on setting a high safety bar. >> there have been past incidents involving tour services in san francisco just last year. a city worker was hit and killed by a trolley tour bus in the crosswalk right in front of city hall. and in 2013 a tourist suffered injuries to her face when an open top bus in the richmond district snagged low lying phone cables. police in dublin are searching for two young women suspected of robbing a bank. that happened shortly before noon yesterday. at the bank of america on dublin boulevard. according to police, the women entered the bank and handed a teller a note demanding money. the notice stated that the suspect know the teller and that they had accomplices who were at the bank worker's home.
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the teller gave them cash and they took off. police say the women have left the bank -- they may have left the bank in this early two thousands light-colored gmc yukon driven by a man. anyone with information is asked to call dublin police. san francisco supervisor jane kim wants more answers about a plan to take down some of the overhead muni wires in san francisco before super bowl l. according to the examiner, the super bowl host committee wants to remove the overhead wires near the super bowl village right alongside justin herman plaza. this could disrupt some of the bus lines and also the historic light-rail line. critics are complaining. they've even started an online petition against it. supervisor kim tells the examiner she doesn't have a lot of information about this proposal and she'll be calling for a hearing on this issue at today's supervisors meeting. also today, expect to see more police and helicopter activity around levi's stadium
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in santa clara. the fbi and other law enforcement agencies are conducting security training for super bowl l including how to deal with bombs. the five hour security training starts at 11:00 this morning. most of the activity and the noise that will come with it is expected about 1:00 this afternoon. this event is closed to both the public and the media. today san francisco's board of supervisors will debate raising the minimum age to buy cigarettes in that city. right now, new york is the only major city that requires you to be 21 years old to buy cigarettes. and tobacco. those laws require buyers to be at least 18. san francisco supervisor scott weiner says making it harder for young people to get cigarettes means they smoke less. the san francisco chronicle reports a similar law was passed in healdsburg in sonoma county, but it's not being enforced there because of threats of legal action.
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5:11 is the time right now. camping out to send a message. in 20 minutes, the new proposal in that east bay city that could have a major impact on the homeless. first, new information about the russian airliner that crashed last month in egypt. ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing.
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welcome back. new this morning, russia is offering a $50 million reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for downing that metrojet passenger plane over it. that's after russia's security service announced today a homemade explosive device caused the plane to break up in the air killing all 224 people on board. the islamic state group has claimed responsibility. saying the attack was retaliation for russia's air campaign against isis targets in syria. today president vladimir putin vowed to intensify the russian air campaign in syria and u.s. defense officials say today russia attacked
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raqqah, the islamic state group self-declared capital in syria with cruise missiles and bombs. one of the official said the russians gave u.s. prior notification of the attacks. also, president obama is in the philippines where the u.s. is helping to increase maritime security. the president announced the transfer of two ships to the philippine navy. the president toured a navy warship once owned by the west now considered one of the most advanced in the region. the u.s. is transferring a research vessel and a coast guard cutter to help the philippines conduct long-range patrols. >> it's part of our larger plan to increase maritime security assistance, to our allies and our partners across the region. >> the president is in manila to attend the annual summit of the asia-pacific, -- economic cooperation group. both san francisco police and prosecutors now investigating the videotape
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beating of a man in a san francisco alley by two alameda county sheriff's deputies. that video from last thursday shows the deputies beating the man repeatedly with their batons. 28-year-old stanislav petrov is now in san francisco general hospital recovering from lacerations to his head, face, and more. >> we're kind of surprised, with injuries to his arms -- from his elbow down to his hand, they appeared to be shattered on both arms and they are in soft cast right now. it appears he was blocking the baton strikes with his arms. >> the sheriff's department says it started last thursday about 1:30 a.m. the deputies approached petrov, sitting in a stolen car in a motel -- motel parking lot. the sheriff's department says petroff brand one of the deputies patrols car -- patrol cars. a 30-mile chase followed from san leandro through oakland over the bay bridge to the streets of san francisco.
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the two deputies have been put on paid administrative leave while the sheriff's department conducts an internal investigation. former ktvu weatherman and tv personality pat mccormick has died. >> hi. i'm pat mccormick. each afternoon at 1:00 p.m. i bring you some very good movies. that bush is growing. >> the sunlight is trying to come through. i don't believe doing a weather report out there. >> look at pat. if he seems a little grumpy in that last clip, it's because he was afraid of heights. what he loved, though, pam, were puppets named charlie and humphrey. that's how he started his career here at channel 2. pet entertained a generation of bay area children. pat mccormick later went on to host dialing for dollars. he worked on the 10:00 news at the weatherman. he retired from ktvu in 1995 and moved to oregon. family members say pat mccormick died there in october. he was 82 years old.
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>> just a very funny, great day. >> well loved here. >> personality. a lot of people remember him for sure. sal, i know grew up watching him. >> not only that, when i met him, you know sometimes you don't want to meet people because you are afraid they are not going to be nice? he was super nice. >> that's good. i hate when that's disappointing. >> you meet someone who you've seen on tv for years but he was a very nice guy, a true gentleman. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at the commute. traffic is going to be affected by a sigalert on westbound 580 at the 680 interchange. the three lifelines have a gravel spill. it's unclear why it's taking so long. this gravel spill occurred last night at some point, about 11:30. i've been reading the log on the cad, the way c.h.p. talks to itself. apparently i guess they've had trouble getting this out of
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there, but it's not going to be gone until 7:00. this happened last night at 11:39 p.m. or at least reported. so i don't know what. i'm going to call c.h.p. and find out what the heck is going on here. does this commute here is ruined on 580 coming out of livermore. it is very slow. it shouldn't take all that time. i wouldn't sink. to clear up a gravel spill. let's go out and take a look at the commute on westbound bay bridge. that is backed up for a little bit of a delay here. nothing major just yet. if you are driving this morning on the 101 in san francisco, looks good approaching the 80 split. at 5:20, let's go to steve. >> sal, i would agree on that. when you watch certain people and meet them in person. >> right. >> yes. >> just a little bit afraid. >> can i tell you mine? pete giddings. he was very, very nice. cold morning here, sunny, breezy conditions, i should also add joel bartlett was a gem of a man. when you grow up and you say,
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that's what i want to do, steve and sal, people meet us and they go, man, you guys are completely different in person. [laughter] that's not true. all right. we have clear skies. a cold morning, sunny and breezy, a little warmer near 70 as we head towards thursday and friday. next week is looking cold and wet. the key is the placement of where the low develops. if it develops overland, we'll be cold and windy. if it drifts overwater, it's looking like a wet week starting next tuesday. so stay tuned. this week, things are quiet. steve roche is up there in mendocino county. 34 degrees in willits this money. high near 65 this afternoon. steve, you sound like a weatherman. i'll by that. 34, 65, sounds good. almanac, 64, 51. 63-50. right there. 1932, the record, not that long ago. some of the records go back to the 1800s. 1953. 40s and 50s for some.
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i know it's 39 in san ramon. santa rosa in there, napa was but there's enough of a breeze holding these types up especially pittsburg, antioch and brentwood. walnut creek, alamo, dental, 30s. the breeze, i know it's not much but napa at three, oakland, northwest, just enough to keep the atmosphere going with water temps. before, 55, 56. 12 in truckee, 37 ukiah. a little bit of rain on the north coast, a lot of cloud cover. for us, sunny day, a whopper of a low getting blizzard conditions to denver and all sorts of severe weather out ahead of it. if you have travel plans, to denver, i would advise you will probably have delays. warmer in the afternoon, highs will be in the 60s and temperatures a little bit warmer each day as we go forward. then next couple days, quiet, but changes early next week. >> all right, steve. thank you. people ask all the time if they haven't been you, they are funny guys. are they just like they are in person? yes, they are. >> likewise with you too.
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>> yeah. we are what you see. all right. thank you. there's a break for taxi drivers in san jose. up next, new rules being considered after last week's strike against uber and lift.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." happening today, the san jose city council will consider easing some regulations for taxis. this follows last week's two-
5:26 am
day strike. taxi drivers were angry that the city got rid of a fingerprinting requirement for ridesharer companies that are operating out of mineta san jose airport. today's vote reportedly is meant to level the playing field between the taxi industry and ridesharer companies. some ideas include issuing temporary permits for cabdrivers while they go through background checks, simplifying the way taxis are inspected, and also reducing the fees for rides that are booked through mobile apps. crews at sfo are working around the clock to complete three new boarding areas due to open tomorrow. they are in terminal three which serves united airlines. when it's finished, they will have 250 charging plug there, also workstations for passengers. there will also be a dozen new dining and retail options including some local companies. >> been in business since 1978. we've been in the airport for 14 years. we are very successful here. >> the remodel and all the upgrades are part of the second phase of an ongoing quarter billion dollar project.
5:27 am
we still following the aftermath of the deadly terror attacks in france this morning. up next, the car investigators are focused on as they try to track down a key suspect. >> reporter: a campout in berkeley to support the homeless. white opponents say it targets the city's most vulnerable population. -- wide open opponents -- why opponents say it targets the city's most vulnerable population. mak this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." tuesday, november 17 i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve. the afternoon is going to -- >> yes? >> yes? the afternoon is going to warm up a little bit. >> that is correct. mornings are a little chilly out there. enough of a breeze to stir things up there. temperatures are rebounding. we'll see slightly warmer temps. that seem will continue most of the week. looks pretty quiet here. the breeze which was howling for some yesterday, that was a cold day yesterday. still 30s and 40s and 50s. a little bit more moisture in the air. look into the south, gilroy checking in at 41, santa cruz mountains, boulder creek, 40s for others including cupertino. 43 west, northeast, north east, west southwest, so there is a breeze holding things up. cloud cover and very light rain to the north. that's where it's staying. lots of sunshine, high clouds to the north, it's a cold
5:31 am
morning, sunny and breezy. a little warmer in the afternoon. that equals mid-60s instead of low 60s for many. gravel spill? what's going on? >> reporter: it's been there since last night. so i asked c.h.p. wide. they actually didn't know why it's taken so long. it's been there since 11:30 p.m. last night. westbound 580, the three write lines taking away from the gravel spill. it's not going to be cleaned up until 7:00. so maybe it's a little gravel. probably is. it's been there for a long time now. we hope at 7:00 is when they are going to open the lanes. there's also a big rig fire in this backup, westbound 580 near north flynn. so this whole commute, 580 is just a big mess now. messier than it normally is on 580. please give yourself plenty of extra time. looks like it's backed up way out there. so it's going to be one of those commutes on 580 this morning. let's move along and take a look at live pictures. the bridge normal, back up for
5:32 am
a 15-20 minute delay before you make it onto the span. driving on the san mateo bridge, not a bad commute out to the high-rise. 5:31. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. we are monitoring the developments in the paris terror attacks. as we first reported at 5:00, the eiffel tower is closed again today. the landmark reopened to visitors yesterday after being shot down over the weekend. it's not clear why it's closed again today. but french police launched 128 raids today across the country looking for all those connected to the attacks. both the british and u.s. governments are also showing their support for the french people. >> a moment of silence in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks. >> inspired by a point's -- poisonous narrative of extremism. you need an approach that covers the full spectrum. military power, counterterrorism expertise, and defeating the poisonous narrative that is the root cause of this evil.
5:33 am
>> french media reports that police this morning recovered a car that is suspected of being used in preparation for the attacks. police also found six suicide bombers stayed in a hotel outside of paris just two days before friday's attacks. at noon pacific, the french soccer team will play its first match since the bombings occurred in the middle of a game against germany at the national stadium in paris. france will square off against england at london's wembley stadium. it will be lit up in red, white and blue to honor the french flag. >> i'm sure all the players have felt the last few days deeply, and they will give everything they can to make friends proud and likewise, we are all representing. >> british police are taking the highly unusual position to deploy armed patrols to the stadium.
5:34 am
the match will be attended by both british prime minister david cameron and prince william. you can see that match live on fox sports 1. coming up at 6:00, today's arrest in germany that might be linked to the attack. the time is 5:33. right now a protest in berkeley is underway by the homeless and their supporters at the menstruation at least right now, but that may change later today? >> right, dave. it's called a campout or a sleep in. it's happening on the front steps of the old berkeley city hall. on martin luther king, jr. way. you can see some of the protesters have decorated the front steps of the building with candles and also signs of protest. tonight the berkeley city council will vote on a new law directed towards the homeless. the law would prohibit people from placing personal items on the sidewalks that take up more than two square feet of space. it also makes it illegal for shopping carts to be on streets
5:35 am
for more than an hour between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. the berkeley chamber of commerce is one of the main supporters of this plan. they say businesses and restaurants have long complained the homeless block sidewalks and driveway customers. >> we hope these are gentle, thoughtful, creative ways of dealing with the problem. they are going to help the people in the street and the people who live and work here. >> we're not criminals. we're simply poor. we are out here as a matter of condition and not by choice. >> city councilmember linda mayo and other supporters say the city would provide 50 to 100 storage units for the homeless to store their personal belongings. the agenda includes this photo of a similar storage unit set up for the homeless in san diego although it's not clear if those storage units are the ones in the shipping container in the background or the garbage bins in the foreground. the ordinance also says the city will build and provide mobile showers and extra public restrooms if this ordinance
5:36 am
passes although it doesn't say specifically where those extra resources would be added. it doesn't include a timeline by which they will be built. back to you, dave. >> allie rasmus in berkeley, thank you. students at stanford are protesting university investment in the fossil fuel industry. more than 50 students are camping in the stanford quad as part of their demonstration. earlier they watched a documentary on climate change. one student released these photos. the students say they are going to campout and sell stanford divests its financial holdings from the fossil fuel industry. last year stanford stopped investing in coal companies after a similar protest by students. >> richmond's police chief is expected to be formally approved to lead the department in tucson, arizona survey. chris magness was one of three finalists for the job. today tucson city council is expected to officially accept him as the city's new police chief. magness led the police department for 10 years.
5:37 am
is credited with big reductions in crime, last year richmond reported 11 homicides which is the lowest number in years. tucson's police department is much larger than richmond with more than 900 officers compared to less than 200 in richmond. oakland police are investigating a double shooting. one person dead, another with serious injuries. it happened at 6:30 p.m. last night on 62 avenue near greenleaf elementary school. police say a man and a woman were inside a car when they were shot, both were taken to the hospital. the man died, the woman remains in critical condition. oakland police say so far there are no suspects in the case. the sideshow activity in oakland is bringing calls for change in how police can respond. hundreds of cars gathered for a sideshow early sunday morning. there were also several sideshow events on streets and freeways later in the day. mayor libby schaaf says police in the c.h.p. are doing what they can to restrict sideshow activity but city leaders could make changes.
5:38 am
>> looking at whether or not we can identify some new methods and tools for not just enforcing but deterring this type of activity going forward. >> on sunday night, oakland city council told ktvu news that he has a stricter crackdown in mind. he says he wants to change the law so some cars involved in sideshows can be confiscated by police for first offense. right now police have to wait until there's a second offense before they can seize a car. happening today a court hearing for the man who charged -- who is charged with kidnapping and killing sierra lamarr. standing trial for her murder in april of next year. investigators say his dna was found on lamarr's belongings but her body has never been found. last month new search for her body started after a dog walker found a human skull in a rugged
5:39 am
area of los gatos. the coroner has not released an identity for those remains, but law enforcement sources are telling ktvu it does not appear to be sierra lamarr. two lawmakers in the north bay will be hosting a public meeting next month about the delay in the start of the crab season. both the commercial and recreational crab seasons are on hold now after a dangerous toxin was found in crabs. state senator mike mcguire and assemblyman jim would will have a panel of experts at the meeting, and they will talk about the current status of the crab season and also the impacts of the delay. that meeting is set for december 3 in santa rosa. thanks to a generous donation, ucsf will be starting work to address the growing burden of alzheimer's disease and dementia. ucsf is getting a 120 -- $177 million grant from billionaire philanthropist charles feeney. the grant will allow ucsf in partnership with unity college in dublin, ireland to train the
5:40 am
600 new brain health experts over the next 15 years. ucsf says it will create a program involving people in a variety of fields from all over the world to help combat alzheimer's disease and dementia. a first look this morning at the man who recently underwent what doctors say was the most extensive face transplant ever done. this is what 41-year-old patrick harbison looked like after he was seriously injured in a fire back in 2001. in august, he went through a grueling 26 hour surgery involving more than 100 medical professionals. doctors replaced most of the skin on hardison's skull spanning from the front of his neck all the way to the far back of his head. doctors at nyu medical center call it a very big success. >> the fact we were able to perform this and the patient was able to come out of the operating room safely is a very important, historic event. >> harbison is still undergoing rehabilitation therapy and he
5:41 am
will need to take antirejection medication for the rest of his life. he's also working to rebuild his strength and learn how to speak and eat using his new lips. >> wow. faculty and students at san francisco state will hold a noontime rally today. instructors, librarians and coaches are demanding a 5% pay raise. cal state school system is offering a 2% pay raise. last month faculty union approved going on strike. the classes will continue on schedule for now. today's rally will be held at the same time the cal state trustees will be meeting in long beach. oxford dictionary has picked their word of the year but it's not actually a word. it's an emoji. this is what it is. oxford university press partnered with mobile technology business to track the usage of emoji's. it says the face with tears of joy, that was the most used
5:42 am
emoji around the world this year. it made up 17% of all the emoji's used in the united states. >> again, i've used a bunch of monkeys. that one confuses me because sometimes i'm not sure, are they said, laughing? happy? emoji's. part of our daily life now. right? >> that's right. what happens in vegas doesn't always stay in vegas. >> coming up in our 6:00 hour, the gopro vacation video gone wrong.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." santa clara county city leaders will take up a sensitive topic today. whether they should start cooperating with immigration authorities even though the south bay is considered a sanctuary. >> all this comes after an undocumented immigrant was released from jail and is accused of killing a woman in san francisco over the summer. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega, you are in san jose with more on this big story. >> reporter: dave, that deadly shooting in san francisco scared a lot of people. some were saying could have it be -- been prevented if i.c.e.
5:46 am
had been alerted the inmate was released? here in santa clara county, they are now looking at possibly changing their policy. today santa clara county board of supervisors are going to look on whether or not they should change their policy. they've been a sanctuary region for undocumented immigrants since 2011. board of supervisors had rejected proposals to cooperate with immigration authorities twice. today, they might amend that. this national debate over immigration reignited after kate steinle was shot and killed on san francisco's waterfront by juan francisco lopez-sanchez. an undocumented immigrant. he was released by the sheriff's department even though there was was a federal request to detain him for possible deportation. santa clara county currently doesn't alert i.c.e. about undocumented inmates about to be released. they also don't hold them past the release date if i.c.e. request it. that policy is going to be re- examined today. the district attorney's office has been asking the board of supervisors to make some
5:47 am
amendments to its policy. though you have immigration rights advocates asking county supervisors to stay strong and we plan on reaching out to some of the board members to get their takes on where they feel about this before they hadn't that meeting. we hope to bring you that later on this morning. gave? >> janine de la vega, we'll talk to later. thank you. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> we're looking at that gravel spill on 580 at 680. it's been there since 11:30 last night. the two right lanes are blocked. in fact i moved the map. is, it's a sigalert, westbound 580. traffic backed up way back to the altamont pass. also a truck fire at northland. so in combination, that commute is just terrible. another accident that i want to show you. this would be on 242 at highway 4. the connector ramp taken away by a crash and traffic is really slow on
5:48 am
highway for this morning. backed up, in fact it is a solid line of slow traffic coming almost out of antioch this morning because of that crash. if you get on 680, looks good. 24 is not that heading out to the tunnel between walnut creek and oakland. when you get to the bay bridge, we have a backup of about 20 minutes or so before you make it onto that span. at 5:48, let's go to steve. >> sal, i mean, always seems like a bear. >> they are the worst commutes in the bay area. a lot of people there. >> thank you, sir. >> we do have a little bit of a breeze here. yesterday, i'll tell you even this old swede noticed it was a little cool out there. a breeze kicked. it was chilly. today, we still have a slight breeze although nothing compared to what we had yesterday. it will still be there, cold morning, sunny and breezy. you remember, two very good friends of mine. quite weak, warmer here, near 70. next week is looking colder and wet. again, a lot of it depends on
5:49 am
the placement of the low. if it goes over water, looks like tuesday and wednesday into thursday could be quite active around here. i tend to lean on that being a wetter pattern. 64-45% was a. average is 67-46. 84 in 1930. a lot of records set in 1932. 30 in 1964. record low, 40s for some, 50s for others, 30s for a few. the breeze hold the temp up. areas dipped into the 30s. same for sevastopol, 49 bodega bay, two bits up in reno, 12 in truckee, 37 ukiah. that is called. a few high call a little warmer, tomorrow into the upper 60s.
5:50 am
so the cold morning, sunny, breezy at times, maybe some fog. i can't find any yet. slight warm-up in the afternoon. 60s, low-to-mid. everyone is pretty close he. not much of a spread. santa rosa went 67 by the mere fact they get northerly breeze. that helps them and san jose, warmer than morgan hill. morgan hill and gilroy are colder in the morning. we do have lots of sunshine, changes not really too much until the weekend. sunday looks really cloudy. next week, i think so. >> all right. >> it could impact some travel plans? >> i think so. they travel delays today. denver, blizzard conditions. out in the plains, big thunderstorms. >> wow. okay. >> thank you. you heard of willie mays, right? >> i have. >> coming up in 25 minutes, what the giants legend has in common with barbara streisand and steven spielberg.
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5:53 am
we continue with our breaking news on westbound 580. a gravel spill in the right
5:54 am
lanes, these are live pictures. this has been there since 11:30 last night. they have said it should be cleared by 7:00 although it looks like they might be getting ready to open anytime soon. which would be good news, but again this has been here for a while. in the overnight hours, this caused a big backup, now backed up all the way back farther than our camera can see to the ultimate pass. this is a huge commute on 580. we'll have another update coming up. thank you, sal. as steve mentioned, a powerful enter storm hit the rockies overnight. people in denver are preparing for what is expected to be a very dicey morning commute there. more than 200 flights have already been canceled in denver because of the storm. forecasters say 6-10 inches of snow could fall in denver before the storm pushes east into kansas. later today, if you do have a flight into the midwest today, you are being urged to check the status before heading to the airport because again there are delays. the national weather service has confirmed the severe weather that hit a small
5:55 am
town ian's and -- stanislaw county was a category one tornado. a category one has winds of up to 112 miles per hour. it can overturned mobile homes and push cars off the road. 2021 homes were damaged in the town of denair, which is southeast of modesto. a number of trees and fences also came crashing down but no injuries are reported. 5:55. a bittersweet ceremony last night for one of the three sacramento area men who helped stop a terror attack on a high- speed train to paris over the summer. anthony sadler was honored by the rancho cordova city council at a special ceremony. sadler and his parents were awarded the keys to the city. but instead of celebrating, the family quickly shifted the focus to the lives lost in paris in those terror attacks on friday. >> saddens me that it happened so soon after what we did over the summer. but i know the people of france,
5:56 am
based -- our thoughts and prayers are with them. >> sadler and two of his friends are credited with taking down a gunman on a paris bound train in august. investigators believe that the mastermind behind the paris attacks was also linked to the plan to attack that train. sadler says he is forever tied to paris. he still gets updates from his friends over there. back at home, this week retailer macy's will unveil its big christmas window display in -- and the things around the peanuts characters. this is video of the artist making charlie brown and the peanuts gang. they are going to use hundreds of pounds of snow and glitter as well as 3-d printers for these displays. the charlie brown characters will go into each window of macy's flagship store in new york. they will also be on display at the macy's in san francisco union square. charlie brown windows will be unveiled on friday. >> i can't wait. >> i know you and your wife like the windows as well. 5:56 is the time. coming up, the international manhunt continues for the man believed to be the mastermind
5:57 am
behind the paris terror attacks. we are following the very latest updates as some arrests have been made this morning. also, a sleep-in in berkeley. the demonstration outside the old city hall there.
5:58 am
what if the holidays were about people again? and the four-letter word that defined the season was l-o-v-e, and not s-a-l-e. that's the world t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods stores live in. where there's no need for sales because we offer amazing prices on thoughtful gifts everyday. let's put more value on what really matters.
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this season, bring back the holidays. with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. we are following a problem on the morning commute. a gravel spill has closed several lanes of westbound interstate 580. we're going to continue to diminish their ability to get revenue, and spread their evil. >> the international campaign against isis. the important meetings between u.s. and france, plus the
6:00 am
arrest this morning in germany that may be connected to the paris attacks. to good morning. thank you for waking up with us. joining us, welcome back if you've been here tuesday, november 17. i'm pam cook. >> good money. on dave clark. let's check on your weather and traffic as well. cold this morning? >> 30s, 40s, 50s, it looks like a beautiful day once we get going. a little bit warmer here. yesterday was cold but that was the coldest day of the week. the breeze looks much more pronounced yesterday. windy at times. not nearly as windy as yesterday. we are looking at clear skies, a few high clouds to the north, san francisco 64-51. you are right there. 82, 1932. record, 44. 1953, the record low. 30s, 40s, 50s. 38 san ramon, 40 livermore,


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